already known

have you ever known the question that you need to ask, to get the answer that you already have but really do not want to know?

have you ever wondered if you have the guts? If you are ready to deal with the answer…and before that, to deal with the frantic back and forth in your mind and in your heart…what if the answer is EXACTLY the same as the writing on the wall and the feeling in my gut?

have you ever feared the truth? despite the fact that the same truth has been promised to se you free! and inevitably, once truth comes, with its rapid sting, and trembling hands and pounding heart… you realize that you now can make the choice to be truly truly free…

And how does it even make sense that when we have the choice and the option to be free, we chose to remain shackled and entangled and paralysed and confused and hopeful and blind and ignorant and kind…

Well, I am now seeking to deliberately be free! to deliberately seek answers to questions that must be asked! To have conversations that have been scripted and etched on walls, but postponed for very misguided reasons. And I am choosing to establish and understand exactly where I am, where I stand, how I got here and what was the lesson in this season!

Funny thing, the answer, the question, the truth and the choice…they are nothing new… just a whole bunch of grown up things that I had already known!


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